Firefly 2 Tips and Tricks From Vaporizer Shop


The Firefly 2 is a fantastic portable vaporizer but it has been receiving a fair bit of negative attention recently mostly originating from the fact that it could not be one of the most user friendly right from the start like various other luxury units like the Crafty.

This is mostly due to the fact that individuals who have actually come to be accustomed to session style vaporizers needed to find out a new technique in order to get made use of to the on-demand heating of the Firefly 2. When you master it the Firefly 2 is an excellent tool and also can output some significant vapor.

I have actually possessed the firefly vaporizer coupon code for now as well as I believed I would certainly share some ideas as well as techniques to get one of the most from this excellent unit and specifically how you can obtain a suitable amount of visible vapor.

1. The Grind

Just how you grind you herbs has a massive influence on how the Firefly 2 operates. The majority of conduction session vaporizers gain from a better grind due to the fact that more of the herbs surface is touching the home heating chamber.

Because the Firefly 2 is a convection unit we actually found a courser work worked best, for a few reasons; initially, the courser work will certainly offer you better airflow, due to the fact that this unit utilizes convection to prepare your natural herbs you intend to see to it the air has area to move via your natural herbs to cook them.

With a better grind we discovered much more constraint to air flow as well as an extra unequal cook as the hot air tended to prepare the bottom extra strongly than the remainder of the natural herbs. Currently when we state we recommend a courser grind this does not mean an uneven grind, you want the uniformity to be really even with your natural herbs simply more fluffy compared to penalty. I located making use of the ZEUS Bolt grinder offered me the most effective consistency to make use of with Firefly 2.

2. The Pack

Just how you load your e-liquid in the Firefly 2 will likewise affect the vapor manufacturing during your session. Personally I recommend filling the bowl so that the lid of the Firefly 2 is helping to keep the natural herbs in position, packing the herbs to a tool rigidity. This indicates that the natural herbs are not completely loose as if you simply dropped them in, however not so tight that air will have difficulty flowing.

After about 2 to 3 attracts I advise stirring the dish and also with your thumb gently loading down the dish again to advertise a more even prepare.

3. The Attract

How you draw from the Firefly 2 really makes the difference in between an uninspired exhale and an outstanding haul. The Firefly 2’s air course is a bit extra restricted compared to most systems which encourages you to draw from the unit like you are drinking warm tea via a straw.

For ideal results, press and also hold the power switch to start home heating, when the green light turns strong allow the system sit for an additional number of secs to enable the warmth to develop and after that gradually start to draw from the unit. You are mosting likely to intend to attract for the whole period of the heating cycle for the very best result.

I located that you want to start your draw gradually however as you reach the end of the draw you could begin to a little increase draw speed to obtain an even far better draw.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I enjoy the Firefly 2 vaporizer, it is very easy to use as soon as you master it and the on-demand home heating could not be beat in terms of convenience. It may take a bit a lot more effort to get the device working as meant, however that really is half the fun of this unit. As soon as you identify your very own technique you will certainly find it very hard to switch over back to one more device. If you have any kind of tips or techniques of your own we would certainly love to hear them.

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